ATG Security aim to exceed the expectations of our customers, valuing integrity and professionalism above all else. Our experienced management team have a passion for the industry and we love what we do! We create and maintain safe working environments that meet the individual needs of our customers.

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ATG Security aim to exceed the expectations of our customers, valuing integrity and professionalism above all else.

ATG Security recognizes the importance of quality management and is committed to providing our clients with the highest-quality Security services. Our strategic objectives are to:

• Attain best-practice performance levels in the delivery of our services.

• Further develop the skills and professionalism of our people.

• Gain client confidence and loyalty through the consistent delivery of quality services.

• Maintain an environment of continuous improvement.
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Our services

Loss Prevention Service

As a business, it is vital to have a loss prevention plan in place to protect your retail products.Our Loss prevention security officers work covertly in retail locations to identify suspicious behavior and apprehend anyone attempting to steal.

Construction Security

Security guards serve in many pivotal roles on an active construction site. Their presence onsite aids in the prevention of theft, minimizes property damage, deters vandals and promptly addresses unexpected events .

Event Security

Event security is the type of service that you can opt for while organizing an event to take care of the safety and security aspects of the event venue. ATG security has helped many clients in Adelaide with their Events.

Commercial Property Security

ATG SECURITY  provides commercial property security services for commercial buildings, office towers, research and manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

Industrial and Manufacturing Security

Factories and industrial sites are regularly targeted by criminals, who see such premises as an opportunity for easy pickings.

Night Clubs Bars And Restaurants

If you own or manage a nightclub or bar and restaurants, security guards are some of the most critical roles to fill in your business.

Retail Security

ATG Security retail security services provides protective services and loss prevention for retailers large and small in Adelaide.

CCTV Monitoring Service

CCTV Operators are mainly responsible for operating and maintaining surveillance equipment, watching both live and recorded video surveillance footage, reporting incidents.


At ATG Security, your safety is paramount to us. We give 24/7 mobile patrol services that are tailored for any kind of business or property

Our Mission

To provide excellence in security services, giving peace of mind and assurance of protection and safety for our clients, their customers, and the public with which we come into contact.


We are committed to the ongoing improvement of the services we provide to our clients. By investing in and developing our most important assets, our staff, we aim to achieve all our goals and exceed our clients’ expectations. Through our commitment to high standards, it is our vision to earn the trust of our clients by delivering the best quality security services within Australia


● We secure and strengthen the trust that our clients place in us to safeguard their people, assets, and business.

● We are vigilant in mitigating risk and enabling our clients to safely and securely do business throughout the world.

● We win our clients’ respect with the quality of our services and the absolute commitment of our people.


We ensure a high level of procedural awareness from all of our staff and regularly review and update these procedures.

Customers satisfaction

We are highly confident in our promise to serve you better. Our focus is to build long term relationships with our customers.


our young and professional security team is always eager to learn in order to make every client and its customer happy. We have the willingness and determination to accomplish our work every day.


we deal every day with all types of clients and we always know how to make their customers’ experience be the best.


with more than 15 years in the security industry, we know how important each of our clients is and our experienced security team is at their disposal 24/7.


Local Adelaide company that knows south Australia well.

Happy Clients


Years Experience


Safe Events


Customers Satisfaction